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CaseCruzer - New College Trunk / Campus Footlocker Case is a Smooth Ride From Home to Dorm to Graduation Day


Tough, mobile college storage trunk makes the trek to higher education and back again fun, fast and secure

Everybody from the first-year coed to the Big Man on campus knows dorm life is temporary. Winter holidays, Spring break and graduation day keep students moving. But it doesn’t take an Einstein to realize gathering clothes, books and a laptop can be as easy as Party Life 101 with Pelican’s new Campus Footlocker Case.

The Campus Footlocker Case by CaseCruzer gives every college student mobility, convenient storage space and even security: the footlocker can be padlocked to protect money and other valuables. There is ample space for personal documents, iPods, extra clothes, medicine, digital cameras, and even non-perishable snacks often needed at odd hours when cramming for finals. One aspect of campus life the case can’t improve: dorm food.

Getting from freshman year to graduation day is a smooth ride with the Campus Footlocker Case. Two side folding handles and an extendable handle make this luggage versatile and, unlike some roommates, cooperative. The case also comes with stainless steel ball-bearing wheels and Polyurethane tires for swift trips home, to the beaches of Florida or a summer internship on Wall Street. And since this case loves to fly, it is perfect for airport navigation and anyone who aspires to “higher” education.

CaseCruzer’s Campus Footlocker is better than a typical dorm trunk because it is equipped with three secure storage areas. The deep and wide base of the case is for all the bulky necessities that campus life demands: text books, writing materials, laptops, seasonal clothing, extra bedding, digital gadgets, teddy bears or baseball gloves.

Two trays sit on top of the main storage area for day-to-day stuff, like purses, wallets, money, keys or ear plugs and reading glasses (for students who find it necessary to occasionally study).

The average dormitory can be a raucous, fun-loving environment, where guys and gals roam the hallways and the inner sanctum of each other’s rooms. Not that students are thieves, but some have been known to borrow clothes and hygienic products. That’s why CaseCruzer has designated its Campus Footlocker Case as an anti-theft zone. The durable luggage is fitted with dual flanges that can be secured with padlocks. When some private space in a public place is needed, lock it up with CaseCruzer.

The College Trunk / Footlocker is also compact for convenient storage in tight rooms. Exterior dimensions are 31.50" L x 22.88" W x 18.88" H. Interior dimensions are slightly less, with a generous lid depth of 3.50" and a base depth of 13.88". The carrying case with the lid organizer and two storage trays weighs only 48 lbs. when empty.

Like all Pelican cases, this indestructible, mobile storage unit comes with a certificate of excellence: it is designed with a water-tight seal that guarantees 100 percent protection from moisture; it is dust and sand proof and meets IP66 and IP67 specs. And unlike a college romance, each case is backed by Pelican’s unconditional lifetime warranty.

When campus life calls, padlock ‘n’ roll with Pelican. When you see the name CaseCruzer, think higher education.

CaseCruzer is a world leader in reusable carrying case solutions serving Aeronautics, Communications, Computers & Laptops, Electronics, Film & Broadcasting, Industrial, Medical, Photography & Videography, Transportation, and other markets. For more info about the new footlocker case, visit; call 800-440-9925 in the U.S. or 909-613-1999 internationally; fax 909-465-5598; or write to CaseCruzer at 4665 State Street, Montclair, CA 91763.

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