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CaseCruzer provides you the protection and mobility that is essential when traveling with your gear. Whether you're a business nomad, a professional photographer, editor, designer/engineer or you're just jetting off on a family vacation, CaseCruzer carrying cases are geared for travel.

All CaseCruzer carrying cases are manufactured with Ultra High Impact structural copolymer that is essentially indestructible and forms the impenetrable shield your sensitive gear can't do without. This material is specified by the U.S. military for use in deployment carrying cases, because it is impervious to solvents, fuels, toxic liquids and any other external challenges or accidents you may face while on the road.

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CaseCruzer carrying cases geared for travel

PSC100 - All in-one camera & laptop carrying case, holds one 13 to 17 inch laptop in the lid and photography gear inside the adjustable padded divider.

PSC200 - Carry-on Apple laptop & camera carrying case - Customized foam cut-out lid for Mac Books and padded dividers consolidate and protect sensitive digital equipment.

Canon / Nikon Camera & Laptop Case
Mobile all-in-one
PSC300 laptop & camera carrying case allows photographers to consolidate sensitive digital equipment

PSC700 Universal Laptop Carrying Case features laptop tray and padded dividers. Meets FAA carry-on regulations.

Photo StudioCruzer for 15" Apple laptops

Photo StudioCruzer Carry-On Case for 13.3 - 15 or Air Apple Laptops & Camera equipment.


mobile multiple ipad charging station holds 10 iPads

Mobile Multiple iPad Charging Station protects 10 iPads while they charge and during travel.

iPad Mini Charging Station - 20 Pack

Mobile charging station that also serves as a shipping / carrying case. Designed to transport 20 iPad Mini tablets.

 iPad Charging Station 6 Pack for School

Charging Station for 6 iPads provides protection while iPad's charge or during transport. Case is air travel safe.

iPad Carrying Case 5 Pack

Shipping Case holds 5 iPads with room for chargers and cables.

Indestructible carrying case for Apple iMac 27 inch designed for Trade-show exhibitors, media, motion picture and graphic-art professionals.

8 Pack - Apple iPad shipping & carrying case. Great for storage, inventory control or travel.

Shock proof carrying case for iMac 21.5" Apple computer - with wheels for easy maneuvering

Mac Pro Computer Users Gets Travel Upgrade with CaseCruzer’s new EZ-Pack 'N' Ship Carrying Case.

1690 Apple Pro GearCruzer Case

Apple PRO or G5 Computer Carrying Case with 30 inch Cinema Display. Additional compartments for keyboard, mouse, cables, etc.

Dell Latitude laptop case 6-pack

Universal laptop carrying case

Universal laptop carrying case protects one laptop with accessories. An organizer is located in the lid of the case to offer even more storage space.

Mobile Emergency File & Laptop Case - Organizes disaster zone documents while protecting laptop computer.


Small College Trunk / Campus Footlocker tough, mobile storage trunk rolls with the punches from Freshman year to graduation day.

College Trunk / Campus Footlocker gives college students mobility, storage space and security.

Military Footlocker Case provides service men and women protection of personal belongings and battle gear.

New Emergency Footlocker carrying case allows families and businesses to prepare for disasters.

Emergency Footlocker - Waterproof mobile carrying case protects valuables and other survival essentials from hurricanes, wildfires and earthquakes.


Shooting Range Handgun Case - 5 Pack

Zombie Universal Shooting Range Handgun Case safely holds five pistols with room for ten magazines and range accessories.

Magnum Shooting Range Case holds 5 Pistols

Magnum Shooting Range Case holds six large handguns and accessories.

KR50 (50" long) rifle carrying case, shown with interlocking convoluted foam.

41" Long Universal weapons carrying case - interlocking convoluted foam

The Zombie Quick Draw Universal Handgun Case allows for guns to be easily accessible. Holds 6 handguns and 12 magazines.

The universal 2N2 GunPOD gun case is designed for those sportsmen who like to mix and match rifles, shotguns and handguns

6 Pack Universal Gun Case Safeguards and protects handguns for Collectors, Sportsmen and Law Enforcers.

New 4 Pack Universal shooting range pistol / gun case. Carrying case can store up to four guns and 8 mags.

KR20 AR Rifle Case - Universal carrying case for AR, M16 or M4 tactical rifles. seven magazines, handgun, accessories, rail-mounted optics and desiccant.


Portable Deployment Motorola Carrying Case accommodates six Motorola XTS-5000 radios, six spare batteries, and a six-bay charger unit.

Mobile Filing Cabinet Case Protects Sensitive Documents During Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Rescue Missions.


1510 VideoCruzer will hold the Sony XDCAM-EX - PMW-EX1 HD camera along with its accessories

Red Apple StudioCruzer

Red Apple StudioCruzer - Carry-On solution for the RED Digital Camera & the Apple MacBook PRO 15 " or 17" screens

Sony PMW EX 3 camera case - Mobile protective carrying case allows videographers and filmmakers to picture a secure High Definition world.

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