Gun Cases and Handgun Storage

CaseCruzer offers numerous case options for guns and weapons. All CaseCruzer gun cases are watertight and dustproof. Cases allow for weapons to be locked up for safe storage (locks not included). For custom solutions please call 1-800-440-9925 and we will be happy to assist you.

Handgun Cases
Rifle Gun Cases
Competition Gun Cases

Handgun Cases

Zombie Quick Draw 6 Pack with Wheels

Quick Draw Handgun Cases with Wheels - 6 Pack

Universal six pack handgun case has wheels and pull out handle.

Zombie Quick Draw 6 Pack - No Wheels

Quick Draw Handgun Case without Wheels - 6 Pack

Universal protection for six handguns with room for two magazines per gun.

Magnum Shooting Range Handgun 6 Pack with Wheels

Magnum Shooting Range Handgun Case - 6 Pack

Universal solution for large framed handguns & revolvers with long barrels.

Handgun Shooting Range Case - 5 Pack

Handgun Shooting Range Case - 5 Pack

Universal five pack case with room for accessories and magazines.

Handgun Shooting Range Case 4 Pack with Room for Accessories

Handgun Shooting Range Case - 4 Pack

Universal four handgun case also holds magazines and accessories.

Multiple Handgun Case 3 Pack

Multiple Handgun Case - 3 Pack

Handgun case transports 3 pistols with space for accessories and magazines.

Handgun Cases 2 Pack for Shooting Range

Handgun Prepper Case - 2 Pack

Handgun case holds two pistols in the quick draw position. Case has magazine and accessory compartments.

Pack 'N' 2 Handgun Case Single

Pack 'N' 2 - Universal Handgun Case Double

Holds two handguns with magazine pouches for six magazines.

Pack 'N' 1 Handgun Case Single

Pack 'N' 1 - Universal Handgun Case Single

Transport one handgun, accessories, and case features magazine pouches for six magazines.

Glock 17 Handgun Case

Glock case has cutouts for one handgun and three magazines.

Glock 19 Handgun Case

Case will store one pistol and three magazines.

Pistol Case KR1209-04

Single Handgun Case - KR1209-04

Pistol case will hold one firearm with the maximum length of 11 inches.

KR1510-06 Handgun Cases

Single Handgun Case - KR1510-06

Universal handgun case will hold one pistol up to 14 inches in length.

Rifle Gun Cases

Universal Tactical Rifle Case

AR 15 Tactical Rifle Case

Gun case secures one AR15 rifle and magazines.

Universal AR 15 Rifle Gun Case

AR 15 Rifle Case Plus Handgun & Magazines

AR15 rifle case protects one rifle, one handgun and magazines.

AR Rifle Cases 4 Pack

Universal AR Rifle Case - 4 Pack

Case holds four rifles with extra room for storage.

Gun and Handgun 3N3 GunPOD Case

3N3 GunPOD Gun Case

Handgun and gun case holds three rifles and three handguns with accessory compartment.

2N2 GunPOD Gun Case

2N2 GunPOD Gun Case

Gun case holds two rifles plus two handguns with plenty of accessory space.

Shotgun Case

KR4809-05 Shotgun Case

Shotgun case will hold one shotgun or rifle.

KR10 Gun Case

KR10 Gun Case - Guns up to 36" Long

Gun case holds weapons up to 36 inches in length. Ideal for AR style rifles such as the M4 with collapsible stock.

KR20 Gun Case

KR20 Gun case - Weapons up to 41" Long

Protection for up to two guns with the maximum length of 41 inches.

KR50 Gun Case

KR50 Gun Case - Guns up to 50" Long

Holds weapons 50 inches or less in length. Ideal for rifles such as the M16 / AR15.

Remington 700 Rifle Gun Case

Remington 700 Rifle Case

Holds one Remington 700 with room for accessories.

Custom Gun Case

Custom Gun Case Solutions

Trace your weapons using our tracing kit and allow us to come up with the perfect design for your guns.

Competition Gun Cases

Race Gun Competition Case

Race Gun Competition Case - 2 Pack

Holds two guns with magwell and scope. Comes with accessory compartment & magazine cutouts.

3 Gun Competition Case

3 Gun Competition Case

Gun case holds 1 rifle, 1 shotgun, 1 handgun plus room for magazines and accessories.

Magwell Handgun Case 4 Pack

Magwell Handgun Case - 4 Pack

Pistol case protects four guns with or without magwell. Case also has space for accessories.

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