5 Pack iPad Airline Carry-on Case

iPad 5 Pack Airline Carry-On Case protects 5 iPads (1st, 2nd or 3rd generation iPad) and 5 chargers & cables. To order a case for iPads with protective covers please specify dimensions when ordering your case. *Please call in for iPads with LifeProof case.

5 Pack iPad Airline Carry-on Case

PART NUMBER (for the New iPad 10.2" & older iPad models):

PRICE $343.03*

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**Restocking fee of 20% applies to this product.

5 Pack iPad Mini Airline Carry-on Size

PART NUMBER (for iPad Mini):

PRICE $343.03*

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**Restocking fee of 20% applies to this product.

5 Pack iPad Carry-on Case Specifications:

Outside Dimensions: 22.16" L x 13.73 " W x 8.89 " H
Empty Weight: 11.95 Lbs.
EZ-PACK 'N' SHIP Airline, FedEx & UPS Safe
Wheels Yes
Pull Out Handle Yes
FAA Carry-on Yes
iPad Case Color: Black
Lower case sectionmay be customized to fit your specific iPad application.
Please contact us at: 1-800-440-9925 for more information

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