iPad Pro 6 Pack Carrying Case

Multiple iPad Pro Carrying Case allows for easy transport and shipping of iPad Pros. Case holds six 12.9-inch iPad Pros, six Apple Pencils, and features an accessory compartment for storing chargers and cables. iPad Pro Case can be customized to fit your protective covers, please specify dimensions when ordering your case.

iPad Pro 6 Pack Case


PRICE: $561.56

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iPad Pro 6 Pack Carrying Case Specifications:

Outside Dimensions: 24.20" L x 15.50 " W x 13.65 " H
Empty Weight: 19 Lbs.
EZ-PACK 'N' SHIP Airline, FedEx & UPS Safe
Wheels Yes
Pull Out Handle Yes
FAA Carry-on No - Check-in Only
Warranty: Lifetime
iPad Case Color: Black
Lower case sectionmay be customized to fit your specific iPad application.
Please contact us at: 1-800-440-9925 for more information

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